Tiny Tush Elite Laundering / Sizing Tips


Washing Tiny Tush Pocket Diapers


To Ensure Complete Cleaning of Your Tiny Tush Pocket diapers

Any detergent residue will affect the performance of any diaper products!


If you need to repair your diapers from coating/residue repeat the following process twice:

Use only approved detergents for your laundry machine.

Please note... we do not recommend using vinegar in your normal wash routine for pocket diapers. Occasionally you can use ½ cup of vinegar to the first rinse cycle in order to remove any residual detergent. This deodorizes, sanitizes and brightens. Your diapers may become smelly if it is overused or use in final rinse!

Do not use fabric softeners as they usually leave an oil coating on clothes. This will coat the fleece causing leaks. If dryer sheets are used in your dryer for other laundry, they will coat the inside of your dryer and your diapers.


Other tips:

Do not use the sanitize wash cycle on PUL items as it will prematurely break down!

When choosing an insert for your pocket diaper you will want to allow ½ inch on both sides so the insert can lie inside properly preventing leaks.

Avoid using diaper creams. If you find that you need to use a diaper cream you should use a barrier such as disposable diaper liners to prevent staining of the diapers..