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Swaddle your newborn in this diaper made with 2 full layers of 100% organic cotton velour. It has a hidden layer of hemp/organic cotton french terry for extra absorbency, and an attached quick-dry soaker made with one layer of hemp french terry topped with organic cotton velour.

This may fit some babies up to 16 lbs.

This diaper is not waterproof and will require a cover.

Fits newborns from 5-16 lbs.
Features:Fabric content:

Inner and outer velour layers: 100% organic cotton
Hidden layers: 55% hemp, 45% organic cotton

Made in the USA
Wash & Care:
Before using the diapers:  wash and dry your diaper once in hot or warm water prior to first use.  This causes the fibers to shrink, fluff up and become more absorbent.  It is not necessary to wash more than once before using the diaper for the first time.  This shrinkage has been allowed for when designing the diapers.  

General Wash & Care:
Keep your wet and dirty diapers in a diaper pail. 

Because natural, organic and 100% cotton fibers tend to wear slightly more than conventional or synthetic fibers, a little extra care can extend the life of the diaper. 

Wash your diapers in hot or warm water on regular cycle.  Follow the recommended amount of detergent as stated on the soap's packaging based on your load size.  Too much or too little will leave residue causing your diapers to possibly stink, or leave baby with a rash. 

An additional rinse can be used for particularly soiled loads. Make sure that your diapers are rinsed clean. Any residue from poop, urine, or detergent can make your diapers smell.  Tumble dry on any temperature or line dry.

Do not use fabric softener.  It will coat the diapers making them water repellent and reduce the absorbency of the diaper. Be aware that if you use dryer sheets in your dryer for other laundry this can coat your dryer and transfer to your diapers. 

Do not use bleach.  This will cause the fabric's fibers to break down. 

Do not stretch the diaper while it is still warm.  Allowing the diaper to cool after taking it out of the dryer will extend the life of its elastic.

Do not use diaper rash creams
without using a protective liner between your baby's skin and the diaper. Creams will leave a waxy residue on the fabric making them less absorbent, water repellent and may potentially cause leaks.  If you need to use a rash cream, you should use a stay-dry liner or a piece of fleece between your baby's bottom and the diaper to prevent the cream from transferring onto the diapers.

Stain removal.  If staining occurs, it is important that any products used on the diapers and covers to remove the stains are mild so as not to irritate the baby’s skin and/or cause the diapers to prematurely deteriorate.  In most cases, laying the stained diapers out in the sun is the safest and most effective way of removing stains.


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