Soap - Shea & Calendula Milk Bar-green earth naturals shea and calendula milk bar soap, made from raw organic milk from pastured cows free of hormones and antibiotics, is very moisturizing, infused with organic calendula petals.  calendula renowned for its relief of skin irriations and healing of wounds.  great for sensitive skin.  homemade in nc usa by mandy finan.  wee little changes in eastern nc
Soap - Shea & Calendula Milk Bar

Green Earth Naturals soaps are all-natural and each batch is carefully handcrafted with only 100% certified organic oils and butters.  We only use therapeutic grade, steam distilled essential oils to provide the scent and you will never find “fragrance” in our soaps since even the phthalate-free fragrances can contain other dangerous chemicals.  Not only are the soaps made from all certified organic oils, but the milk soaps are created from milk from organically raised cows and goats that are on pasture and given no antibiotics or hormones. Any additional botanicals in our soaps are always from high quality sources that are typically certified organic.  Because our soaps are handmade, they will vary based upon the batch, and how we cut them.  Our bars are large and weigh approximately 5 ounces. Our organic soaps are high quality bars that will not only clean, but also sooth and nourish your skin.

5 Ounces (Soaps are all hand cut so weights do vary)
Made with 100% Certified Organic Oils!

Shea butter is incredibly nourishing, and provides amazing benefits to the skin.  Because shea butter is mostly unsaponifiable, most of it remains as a moisturizing oil in our soap.  In addition to shea butter, this bar contains oils that have been infused in organic calendula petals.  Calendula has been used for centuries to relieve skin irritations and heal wounds.  While it is powerful enough to stimulate collagen production and minimize scarring, it is also so gentle that it is perfect for sensitive skin.  Because of this, we love this bar for our babies!

This bar also contains raw organic milk from pastured cows never given any hormones or antibiotics.  Milk contains many amino acids, vitamins and minerals which are easily absorbed into the skin. The oils in this soap are all certified organic and include saponified castor, coconut, extra virgin olive, palm kernel,  palm (sustainably farmed), and high oleic sunflower.

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