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Waterproof, Stuffable & Kid friendly… lots to love!

Kids will enjoy the big kid underwear feel and the super cute prints inside. Along with the smart design that makes pulling them up and down easy, moms will love the convenience of side snaps that make accident clean ups a breeze! A pocket in the back ensures you can stuff them for night-time or long naps.  

Psst.. we told our kids “don’t poop on your cycles or dinos!” which made transition so much quicker !

  • Available in 2T and 3T
  • Adjustable design with 4 snap settings- adjust legs and waist openings as needed.
  • Designer printed flannel inner adds a cute factor and helps create the ‘wet’ feeling for quicker transition.
  • Waterproof, durable PUL outer to contain small accidents.
  • Convenient pocket opening to add absorbency when needed.
  • Side snaps help make clean ups a breeze.
  • Pull up or snap on.
  • Doubles as a Pocket Diaper when stuffed!
  • Printed cotton flannel inside.

2T Fits 20-32lbs
3T Fits 28-40 lbs

Made in USA with love for babies and respect for Mother Earth.

Wash/dry on warm 2-3 times to reach initial absorbency. Use very little detergent during initial washes.
Was/dry on warm regularly as needed. No Fabric Softener or Bleach. For detailed instructions, click here.

Fabric Info:
Outer 100% custom milled PUL
Inner: 100% Cotton Flannel
Soaker: 2 layers of thirsty Microfiber

Adjustable snap configuration:

Available prints:

Blue with Mini Owls
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